ParaTransit Insurance With Ownby Insurance Service Inc.

For residents in the Smokies, transport for the disabled can get to be particularly difficult due to the incredible terrain and the amount of residential properties that are potentially miles away from a medical establishment; not to mention the medical establishment they need to get to for their primary care appointments. As our population grows, so too does the need for disabled persons to find reliable transport in Sevier County.

Ownby Insurance Inc. in Sevierville, one of the oldest insurance establishments in East Tennessee, is meeting this need with their Paratransit Insurance service. As their website states:

“Paratransit transportation service is for individuals who need assistance in getting to doctor appointments, check-ups, meetings related to those topics and other such transportation needs that do not require emergency assistance. The difference between this and something like a taxi is that non-emergency medical transport is both private transportation and equipped for individuals with disabilities and special needs; providing wheelchair transport, safe transport for oxygen tanks and other supplies and needs.”

Insurance policies for Paratransit Support can include:
-Non Emergency Medical Transportation
-Private Ambulance
-Stretcher Transportation
-Wheelchair Transportation
-Emergency Medical Transportation
-Ambulatory Transportation
-Non-Ambulatory Transportation
-Disability Transportation

For those moving to the Smoky Mountains, this would be an important insurance to consider or keep reference for even if you are not disabled and no one else moving to Sevier County is. There are many ways the ability to walk and drive can be out of reach right as you have a doctor’s appointment coming up and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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